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US-8177904-B2: Use of polymeric microparticles in building material mixtures patent, US-8182747-B2: Test device for analyzing a biological sample liquid patent, US-6901778-B2: Clutch apparatus for washing machine patent, US-7439893-B2: Delta sigma modulation D/A converting system patent, US-499433-A: Letter or bill file patent, US-7456313-B2: Liquid-phase (AMM)oxidation process patent, US-7621549-B2: Bicycle light system patent, US-7641082-B2: Applicator for particulate matter patent, US-7923589-B2: Alkylaromatics production using dilute alkene patent, US-8378115-B2: Monomethine dyes patent, US-8420293-B2: Optical waveguides and methods thereof patent, US-6895035-B2: Transmission method of words representing transmission parameters respectively allocated to mobile stations communicating with base station in mobile communication system patent, US-7038242-B2: Amorphous semiconductor open base phototransistor array patent, US-7388561-B2: Characteristics adjustment method of image forming apparatus, manufacturing method of image forming apparatus and characteristics adjustment apparatus of image forming apparatus patent, US-7545765-B2: Multi-user diversity forwarding patent, US-7731837-B2: Oxidatively regenerable adsorbents for sulfur removal patent, US-7756618-B2: Camera calibration and image adjusting for drive assisting system patent, US-8133895-B2: Fused pyrazine compounds useful for the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory diseases patent, US-8183462-B2: Communication cable with improved crosstalk attenuation patent, US-6902315-B2: Devices, methods and systems for mixing and stirring paints and the like patent, US-6951744-B2: Amplification process patent, US-8065323-B2: Offline validation of data in a database system for foreign key constraints patent, US-8496449-B2: Air driven hydraulic pump patent, US-6959894-B2: Impact resistant structure for the helicopter and energy absorber used for the same patent, US-7122036-B2: Connector for an osteosynthesis system intended to provide a connection between two rods of a spinal osteosynthesis system, osteosynthesis system using such a connector, and method of implanting such an osteosynthesis system patent, US-7274012-B2: Optical fiber probe, light detection device, and light detection method patent, US-7972502-B2: Aeration-less water treatment apparatus patent, US-8246580-B2: Aspiration control via flow or impedance patent, US-8267473-B2: Plastic booster seat apparatus patent, US-8305215-B2: Multi-path mitigation in rangefinding and tracking objects using reduced attenuation RF technology patent, US-7328930-B2: Automobile vehicle seat including a backrest pivoting in relation to the seat pan and which can be placed in table position patent, US-7586022-B2: Transgenic non-human animal model of lung tumorigenesis patent, US-7961809-B2: Method and apparatus for multi-user multi-input multi-output transmission patent, US-8235894-B2: Emotional state determination method patent, US-7037940-B2: Taxol enhancer compounds patent, US-7281887-B2: Router plunge depth adjustment mechanism patent, US-7995118-B2: Device and method for embedding and retrieving information in digital images patent, US-7669614-B2: Systems and methods for installation inspection in pipeline rehabilitation patent, US-7789398-B2: Hydraulic system for a vehicle suspension patent, US-8361678-B2: Special polyether-based polyurethane formulations for the production of holographic media patent, US-7361258-B2: Sensor element and gas sensor patent, US-7411495-B2: Smart container monitoring system patent, US-7674399-B2: Electroluminescent material and electroluminescent element using the same patent, US-8211014-B2: Chair and ancillary apparatus with medical diagnostic features in a remote health monitoring system patent, US-8224881-B1: System and method for managing welding information patent, US-8285322-B2: Minimizing inter-femtocell downlink interference patent, US-8308871-B2: Thermal cleaning gas production and supply system patent, US-7200605-B2: Apparatus and method for negotiating and generating contract documents on-line patent, US-8529897-B2: Inflammation-regulating compositions and methods patent, US-7279450-B2: Packaged fibrous toilette article and process patent, US-7329468-B2: Multi-layer composites formed from compositions having improved adhesion, coating compositions, and methods related thereto patent, US-8396988-B2: Method and system for survival of data plane through a total control plane failure patent, US-8069281-B2: Connection device restriction program and device patent, US-7795208-B2: Methods of using deacetylase inhibitors to promote cell differentiation and regeneration patent, US-7891010-B2: Information providing apparatus and information providing method patent, US-8161244-B2: Multiple cache directories patent, US-8241127-B2: Wireless operation of a game device patent, US-6969758-B2: Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same patent, US-7601073-B2: Golf putter patent, US-7688275-B2: Multimode antenna structure patent, US-7769830-B2: System and method for creating and navigating a linear hypermedia resource program patent, US-7942637-B2: Sparcap for wind turbine rotor blade and method of fabricating wind turbine rotor blade patent, US-8215720-B2: Spoke wheel assembled without tension or compression patent, US-8447392-B2: Brain-machine interface systems and methods patent, US-7109160-B1: Peptides containing the motif IGD and their use as cell migration modulators patent, US-7665420-B2: Bird cage patent, US-8061431-B2: Method of operating a pressure cycle operated perforating firing head and generating electricity in a subterranean well patent, US-8304278-B2: Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system using photoelectric conversion apparatus patent, US-6733750-B1: Process and composition for inducing posterior vitreous detachment patent, US-7230080-B2: Fluorescent and colored proteins, and polynucleotides that encode these proteins patent, US-7824276-B2: Golf practice apparatus and method patent, US-8522701-B2: Sewing machine and computer-readable medium storing control program executable on sewing machine patent, US-7118990-B1: Methods for making large dimension, flexible piezoelectric ceramic tapes patent, US-7267672-B2: Method and apparatus for processing hard material patent, US-7882553-B2: Authentication device and method patent, US-7349809-B2: Method of non-targeted complex sample analysis patent, US-7464489-B2: Footwear cushioning device patent, US-7584542-B2: Trimmer patent, US-7938114-B2: Auto-titration bi-level pressure support system and method of using same patent, US-6769656-B1: Assembly for supporting and displaying objects patent, US-7415025-B1: Method and apparatus for clearing a large number of connections in an ATM network patent, US-7795842-B2: Adjustable cut-off voltage for mobile device battery patent, US-8112098-B2: Method of determining optimal cell configuration based upon determined device location patent, US-8470289-B2: Manganese oxides and their use in the oxidation of alkanes patent, US-6929075-B2: Automated bore planning system for horizontal directional drilling patent, US-7275148-B2: Data processing system using multiple addressing modes for SIMD operations and method thereof patent, US-7543528-B2: Hot beverage maker patent, US-7591814-B2: Extended treatment zone catheter patent, US-7757369-B2: Self leveling bracket/stabilizer for fluorescent lighting fixtures with controlled uplight capability patent, US-8455215-B2: Liquid tissue preparation from histopathologically processed biological samples, tissues and cells patent, US-7921691-B2: Acoustic fluid analyzer patent, US-7978916-B2: System and method for identifying a vascular border patent, US-8206916-B2: Device, kit and method for pulsing biological samples with an agent and stabilising the sample so pulsed patent, US-8408153-B2: Automated mooring method and mooring system patent, US-8376176-B2: Container having a flange with a pivotable tab indicating tamper evidence patent, US-7332574-B2: MDL-1 polypeptides patent, US-7920187-B2: Image pickup device that identifies portions of a face patent, US-7668535-B2: Notification infrastructure for sending device-specific wireless notifications patent, US-6821627-B2: Planarization and corrosion protection of patterned magnetic media patent, US-8263926-B2: Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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